Packaging materials made on demand, light and portable

Air Pillow Packaging Machine


AirBox Pillow Machine

Eco Friendly Packaging: Invest in Air Pillow rolls and an AirBox Pillow machine and you'll be saving both money and the environment.

Get the benefits of organic packaging with our organic Voidfill packing! We offer biodegradable packaging for any type of product. With the AirBox machine, you'll be able to make your own custom pre-printed pillows in minutes. The AirBox Pillow Machine is incredibly easy to use: you can set an electronic timer for set runs and adjust the inflation levels to suit. What’s more, it’s so compact that it’s tabletop.

A foot pedals and hopper systems can be added to the machine to offer a fully automated experience.

  • Easy-to-use controls

    Simple yet intuitive controls

  • Convenient

    AirBox is small and portable

  • On-Demand

    One push of a button and you have air cushions

  • Fully Prepared

    The AirBox is ready for use straight out of the box

Get to know AirBox Cushion Machine

The AirBox machine is portable, lightweight, and reliable for your air cushion requirements. It uses 99% fresh air which aids companies in reducing costs and their carbon footprint. It has very simple controls and will have no problem keeping up with your packaging needs, whether they be for an office or an industrial warehouse setting. It even has hopper sensors and foot pedal option to ensure a completely automated air cushion production. The SweetAir and FlexAir Cushion packaging that it produces is renewable and sustainable and can be reused or recycled.

An AirBox machine is a sound investment for all your packaging needs as it is a complete “on demand” system. With manual or foot pedal control the Airbox machine is so compact that it can sit comfortably on a tabletop and has been designed with the most up to date technology for simple yet efficient use.  As well as air and speed adjustments, the electronic timer allows you to programme set runs. A fully automated multi-user hopper system can be achieved.

High speed inflation up to 15 meters /min
Runs Pillows + Tubes + Quilt
Compact and ideal for small spaces
Customisable air fill levels to suit needs
Quick and easy film loading system
Ultra quiet whilst running
Easy to use operator menu