Biodegradable Loosefill

Biodegradable Packaging - Dissolvable Packing Peanuts


BigBio – Biodegradable Loosefill Packing Peanuts

BigBio was created to replace all your plastic polystyrene packing peanuts. They’re made entirely of starch material, meaning they’re biodegradable and 100% home compostable. They’re lightweight, which will cut down on your transport costs. They're tried and tested to absorb shock and vibration during transportation and keep your goods from shifting around.

When you order from us you will receive our biodegradable loosefill in cardboard boxes, not plastic bags. As we work toward 100% eco-friendly packaging solutions it doesn't make sense to use plastic, don't you think? Plus, the absence of plastic bags for BigBio will add to a greener world.

Start using a 100% compostable packaging solution, cut down on costs associated with recycling and see an improvement in your client's unboxing experience.

Compostable Biodegradable Packaging

  • Convenient

    Quick and simple to dispense when combined with a hopper system

  • Eco-Friendly

    Biodegradable products are a sustainable and renewable resource are static-free, non-toxic, reusable, and compostable.

  • Economic

    They are light weight and strong so they will save you money on transport costs.

  • Compact

    Aptly named as they are peanut sized.

BigBio Loose Fill Replacement for Polystyrene

Starch Based Packing Peanuts

We produce BigBio biodegradable loose fill as an outstanding eco-friendly solution for packaging requirements. Made completely from starch, it supports the goal of eliminating all plastic and polystyrene in your packaging process. Contrary to polystyrene loose fill, BigBio is water-soluble and, also, 100% home and garden compostable.

With BigBio, we want you to have the opportunity to eliminate all plastics from your packing lines, helping you make a positive impact on the planet while still providing the best packing experience for your customers.

Density Counts

BigBio, which is made of starch, has a very low density which means it helps reduce your transportation costs. However, low density doesn't mean poor protection. Due to their tried-and- tested product shape, organic packaging peanuts create a cushion that blocks, braces, stabilises and prevents goods from moving about during transit.

Easy for your Employees

A lighter solution also reduces employee fatigue and effort.

The packing process is simple and only involves filling the cardboard box in a very short amount of time. And since it requires no particular technique, the packaging is extremely easy to use. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible to help boost the output of your packing lines.

Go Green

There is growing evidence to suggest that people are more willing to buy from companies that care about the environment. So using eco-friendly packaging can help with your marketing too. It will not only reduce your transport costs and production time but create the ideal unpacking experience and enhance your brand image.

If you're ready to move towards a 100% biodegradable Voidfill Solution and improving the customer unboxing experience, then click here.

Piece Size: 45mm long x 17mm diameter
Pieces Per Box: 18,667 approx
Box Size: 100 x 50 x 50cm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³ unsettled
Weight: 4kg