Eco Friendly Bubble Wrap

Why Should People Avoid Using Plastic Bubble Wrap?

Many people are seeking an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap in their efforts to become more sustainable.

For 60+ years, bubble wrap has been the go-to product to protect packaging in transit. They fast became the go-to product for businesses of all sizes looking for cheap void fill packaging. However single-use plastics are fast becoming a thing of the past due to their inability to be recycled and filling up landfills.

Experts estimate it can last hundreds of years before finally breaking down.

Also, as plastic degrades it can leak toxins into the surrounding soil which leads to a whole host of other environmental issues.

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Eco Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap - PuffPack

In response to the demand of the environmentally-conscious businesses and individuals – Voidfill Packaging offer, eco-friendly bubble wrap made entirely of recycled material. Eco bubble wrap is one area to help you easily eliminate single-use plastic as well as costly plastic waster disposal.

Our own product PuffPack is designed to be used in place of traditional bubble wrap. It is made from flexible 100% recycled paper.

Our rolls are very convenient to use, they have micro-perforations allowing you to cut the exact amount of material you need for your package to prevent unneeded wastage.

We have worked hard to ensure protection levels are high – giving the right amount of cushioning to keep products in place and safe. Our sustainable bubble wrap is perfect for both standard and irregularly shaped objects – keeping them safe in transit.

We have stringently tested our eco bubble wrap with the most delicate of items, and customers regularly purchase it for pottery and vases because of the trusted protection it gives in transit.  It has a 50% better yield than flat paper too so less volume is needed to protect your goods.

Voidfill Packaging are passionate about reducing plastic usage by making it easier for our customers to be sustainable, without compromising on functionality.

We sell by the roll and up to 12 can fit in the same box – we have competitive pricing and volume discounts.

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