A World First In Paper Loose Fill

Recycled Paper Packaging

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EcoNutz are made for you to create the ideal solution for fragile goods. It is particularly handy for protecting delicate electronics or products that need the best protection.

Made of the highest quality recycled paper they will go a long way towards creating a cleaner world by eliminating plastic foam and plastic polystyrene that pollute. They are not only recyclable they are conveniently reusable as well.

The paper we use to create EcoNutz is carefully selected to have the exact and proper fibre lengths, this is what gives the paper its incredible performance for shock absorption. You do not need to worry if your product will arrive in good shape anymore.

If you don’t know what type of protection you need, our EcoNutz provide an excellent protective shield for a broad range of goods from fragile ceramics to food products.

Sustainable Paper Cushion Packaging

  • Compact

    Supplied ‘compact’ in individual boxes - they expand up to 50% when packing.

  • Convenient

    This packaging has conveniently sized Nutz at around 30mm x 100mm

  • Eco-friendly

    EcoNutz are static-free, non-toxic, reusable, and compostable.

  • Economin

    Reap the rewards of less packaging waste (Producer Responsibility Obligations, 1997).

EcoNutz- The eco-friendly Paper packaging solution we can actually live with…

EcoNutz are our signature packaging solution. They have been ahead of their time for 10 years and are now a mainstream competitor to replace polystyrene loosefill and are the perfect choice to protect your goods.

It's all about reducing carbon. EcoNutz are incredibly versatile, environmentally safe with a low carbon footprint and do not cost the earth, they are reusable many times over, compostable and recyclable.

EcoNutz - Paper Packaging are an engineered packing solution - it's all in the fibres.

It's all in the fibres

The paper grades we use to create EcoNutz have been carefully selected to give superior protection and green credentials. EcoNutz mould themselves around your goods and suspend them firmly in the box whist in transit.   (See below for more information).

Our careful selection of paper enables us to offer EcoNutz that are right for your application giving you excellent protection without over packing and adding unnecessary weight. The recipients of your goods will eliminate costly plastic waste disposal and may reuse them.

EcoNutz are engineered to expand and interlock. Paper has a memory which creates a barrier around your goods providing excellent static and dynamic loading characteristics to absorb shock and vibration in transit ensuring your product arrives safely to your customers significantly reducing your costs for returns and damaged products.

Brand your Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging

Packaging materials are very much in the public eye and are scrutinised by the recipient. EcoNutz will give your customers a great impression of your company and a pleasant unboxing experience.   Please get in touch to discuss options.While it’s great to give you the protection you need for your product, your customers are going to be delighted to see that you use eco-friendly solutions. And you can boost your branding with coloured EcoNutz. Having your brand colour is great advertising and will consistently promote your product to your customers

Imagine how pleased they will be when they see the details you attach to your protection and the unboxing experience you give them. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Nut Size: 100mm long x 30mm diameter
Nuts Per Box: 2550 approx
Weight: 9kg
Box Size: 1000 x 500 x 500mm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³