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Air Pillow Packaging



Flexible Air Cushion Rolls are designed to be inserted on air bag machines, the machine, with an internal air pump, inflates and seals the air bags to create a continuous stream of inflated air bags that can be rolled up and placed straight in the box as they exit the machine.

The air packed pillows act as a barrier between the box and your product shielding it from any potential hits and scrapes that could otherwise damage your product.



Our Tube is compatible with our Airbox machine and is ideal for wrapping around objects acting as a void filler.

You can easily tear apart between every sheet for the ideal packaging solution with no waste.

SKU: QuiltAir


Our Quilt works with our AirBox Machine to produce a high-quality bubble wrap which is ideal for items that require flexible packaging wrapped around them while also offering Voidfill properties to speed up the packing process.

Each roll measures 400 x 320 mm, with perforations for convenient sized easy tear-off sheets. With an enormous space saving, one roll is equal to four bundles of bubble wrap.

  • Light weight

    Air bags are 99% fresh air, 1% recyclable plastic

  • Economic

    Make your packaging on demand, no need for expensive storage

  • Flexible

    Easily fits over or around almost any item or product.

  • Branding

    Your business logo on each pillow.

Introducing FlexAir Cushion Packaging

Like bubble wrap, our Air Cushion Packaging is the perfect alternative to using thicker, more costly polyethylene materials. Its flexible air cushioning is made of 99% fresh air and 1% recyclable plastic that produces clean, dry voidfill with exceptional protection. Designed to keep your goods safe during transport, reduce material use, weight, and shipping costs.

We have a range of FlexAir products to choose from that can be used for all your voidfill packaging needs. The 400mm Quilted Film is perfect for wrapping smaller products and acts just like bubble wrap. FlexAir also provides the best solution for layering as well as blocking and bracing products that require a more flexible gentle cushion protection. FlexAir 200mm wide Air pillows are available in tear off lengths of 135mm and 200mm and due to its efficient cushion packaging, is ideal for protecting larger products and filling voids in boxes quickly, effectively, and economically.


FlexAir air cushion packaging reduces the overall weight of your package, which in turn cuts delivery costs. There's no cheaper way to Voidfill! Thanks to its lightweight and flexible bubble-wrap like structure made from 99% air and 1% recyclable plastic, it's a viable option for voidfilling.

Pillow Sizes: 135 x 200m / 200m x 200mm / 135 x 400mm
Roll Length: 400mm or 900mm
Quilt Size: x7 Bubble 320m x 400m
Roll Length: 400mm