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Recycled Wrapping Paper Roll

SKU: Nest350


NestPack Paper Rolls are made from carefully selected recycled paper and consist of five flexible, semi-joined strips. These wrapping paper rolls enable you to build a voluminous nest around your goods to protect them.

NestPack is best suited for light and medium weight products which need packing material around them during transport.

We have designed and engineered NestPack Rolls for you to use the minimum amount of paper possible and limit the weight of your box. By having a high-capacity, with a lightweight nest, you’ll be able to dramatically lower your shipping costs.

  • Light Weight

    Light Packaging Reduces your Shipping Costs

  • Lightweight

    Perfect paper packaging every time

  • Versatile

    Fill any Gap with NestPack

  • Efficient

    More packing volume than standard paper

NestPack- Naturally Inspired Paper Packaging Solution

NestPack is our inspired by nature packaging solution. NestPack is designed to create a nest around your products and prevent them from migrating in the box during transport.

Made entirely of recycled paper, NestPack is 100% recyclable and compostable. It’s not only a great solution for void filling, but also good for the planet.

How much is enough?

This paper packaging solution is designed to allow you to fill a void around any light and medium-weight product that is already wrapped or boxed. Due to the type of paper used in creating it, NestPack is effective as a top and bottom fill. It’s made of five semi-joined, flexible paper strips. When placed in a box, it will create a high volume of packing paper. You will not get the same volume of packing paper from ordinary flat wrapping paper rolls.

Easy to Use

NestPack was designed so you can increase productivity and don’t lose precious time packing your packages. So, when used with the NestPack Paper Dispenser your packages are finished quickly and efficiently.

Roll Size: 350mm x 240M
Roll Weight: 6.6kg
Surface: Smooth
Type: x5 strips semi-joined
Packing Volume: 24 ft3