EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Soft

EcoNutz 15 ft³ – Soft


EcoNutz Soft are made from 100% recycled paper with short fibre lengths. Which means they are the lightest in our range. This is especially useful for packaging goods already protected by a box, such as perfume.

We designed EcoNutz Soft for your products which do not require heavy protection. By creating a light cushion around your product, you’ll be assured it arrives in good shape. Using a lighter solution will also reduce your shipping costs.

If you have more questions about EcoNutz Soft, have a look below or ​contact us here​.

Ready to use a 100% recyclable paper to effectively protect your goods? Then you can select how many boxes you need here:



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Quantity Discount Price Per Item
2 - 3 7% off £27.99
4 - 9 10% off £26.99
10 - 100 17% off £24.99
What Are EcoNutz Soft Made For?

EcoNutz Soft are made to protect goods which do not need heavy protection. The best way to use them is to cover products already in boxes. They are also soft enough to not damage cellophane already covering your product.

We designed them to interlock with each other to create a cushion all-around your product to protect and absorb shocks that might cause damage to it.

How Much Does A Box Of EcoNutz Soft Contain?

One box of EcoNutz Soft weigh 9kg and will produce for you 15ft³ worth of packaging volume. In each one of them, you’ll find around 2,600 nutz you can use immediately.

What Is The Thickness Of The Paper Used?

For EcoNutz Soft, we use a paper with 75 GSM (Grams per Square Meter). This is the type of paper you find in packs of 500 for printers. We decided to use this paper for the good protection/weight balance it offers.

Nut Size: 100mm x 35mm
Nuts Per Box: 2600 approx
Weight: 9 kg
Box Size: 1000 x 600 x 500mm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³


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