EcoNutz Machine


Make Your Own Loose Fill Packaging

We’ve developed a compact, user-friendly machine that allows companies to make loose-fill packaging as they need it, from rolls of sustainably sourced paper.
So rather than buying and storing readymade polystyrene chips, you’ll be able to create your own eco packing material, using a rented machine that takes up no more room than a filing cabinet.

1 pallet of 30 rolls using our ecopaper will produce 1580 cubic foot of packing volume.
(equivalent to 105 bags of 15 cubic foot polystyrene loose fill).

Your customers will be impressed by your environmental responsibility and you’ll save money.

Distributor opportunity

We currently supply EcoNutz readymade. However, to maximise sustainability, we’re keen to build a network of local distributors around the world to make and sell EcoNutz on our behalf. Please contact us for more information.

Save Money

EcoNutz can be manufactured on-site dramatically reducing shipping and storage costs of bulky finished products that takes up valuable floor space. If your company is a large user of packaging material for more information please contact us.

Make Money

At this time there are opportunities to secure the distribution rights for a number of unique markets at the ground floor level. EcoNutz is looking to form strategic alliances with dynamic organizations. EcoNutz supplies the patent-protected equipment and raw material at wholesale rates thus ensuring exclusive rights and profitability in each region. If you are interested please contact us.

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