Pre-Air Inflated
Pre-Air Inflated
Pre-Air Inflated
FlexAir - Pillow

FlexAir – Pillow


FlexAir cushion rolls are designed to slot onto air bag machines and create a continuous stream of inflated air bags that can be packed directly into the box as it comes off the machine. The air filled plastic creates a barrier between the box and your product, protecting it from any potential knocks and scrapes that would otherwise damage your product.




  • Time and space efficient
  • Opportunity for branding
  • Safe, clean and convenient
  • Optimal products protection
  • Simple and environmentally friendly
  • Flexible, lightweight and user friendly
  • Reduced overall weight of your package


Roll Sizes: 200mm x 135mm x 900M
200mm x 200mm x 900M
Pillows Per Roll: 6600 from 135mm pillow
4500 from 200mm pillow
Weight: 8 kg
Film Type: LDPE (recyclable)
Packing Volume: 285 ft3 (equiv. to 19 bags of loose fill)


It is also possible to fill up a hopper with large amounts of inflated air bags so multiple packers can access them all at the same time and have a continuous supply of air bags to pack with, this increases packing speed and efficiency of your operation.

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