FlexAir – Quilt

SKU: QuiltAir

QuiltAir – Void Fill Packaging

Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

Our QuiltAir works with our AirBox machine and is ideal for items that need flexible packaging wrapped around them whilst offering void filling properties at the same time to speed up the packing operation. Each sheet measures 400 mm x 320 mm with perforations between each sheet for easy tearing. QuiltAir offers huge space-saving as one roll is the equivalent to four bundles of bubble wrap.



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RangeDiscountPrice Per Item
2 - 4 6% off£74.00
5 - 9 9% off£72.00
10 - 19 13% off£69.00
20 - 29 25% off£59.00
30 - 999 38% off£49.00


Roll Sizes:400mm x 320mm x 400m
Quilt Bubbles:7
Weight:5.7 kg
Film Type:LDPE (recyclable)
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