NestPack Paper Rolls

SKU: Nest350

Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Paper Packaging

NestPack Rolls are created from carefully selected recycled paper and composed of 5 semi-joined versatile paper strips. This is what allows you to create a high-volume nest around your goods to protect them.

It works best for light and medium weight products which mostly need a void fill.

We designed NestPack Rolls for you to use the less paper possible and limit the weight of your package. By having a high-volume but lightweight nest, you’ll drastically reduce your shipping costs.

If you have more questions about NestPack Rolls, you can look below or ​contact us here​.

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Recyclable Paper Packaging

What’s The Best Way To Use NestPack Paper Rolls?

NestPack Rolls work best for light and medium weight products that are already in boxes. You will create a nest around your product to protect it from migrating but it’s not suited for heavier goods.

If you need a void fill solution to protect heavier products, we recommend you to go for ​EcoNutz Medium.

How Can This Create A High-Volume Protection?

NestPack Rolls are composed of 5 semi-joined paper strips. When you put them in a box, they will detach themselves from each other. That way, instead of having to cover your product with flat paper, you create a nest around it. This is what creates all the volume that covers your goods.

Will This Reduce My Shipping Costs?

Using NestPack Rolls will reduce the amount of void fill you use to prevent your goods from migrating during transport. So it will make your packages lighter and will indeed reduce your shipping costs.

Is It Recyclable?

Yes, NestPack Rolls are made entirely from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. It’s worth noting they are compostable as well. Your customer will be thrilled to know you move towards an eco-friendly packaging solution.

How Many Rolls Do I Get?

For each “quantity” you order, you’ll get one roll. To get the best rate for your order, have a look at the table above.

Roll Size:350mm x 240M
Roll Weight:6.6kg
Type:x5 strips semi-joined
Packing Volume:24 ft3
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