PuffPack Ring Dispenser
PuffPack Ring Dispenser
PuffPack Ring Dispenser
PuffPack Ring Dispenser
PuffPack Ring Dispenser

PuffPack Ring Dispenser


We are currently experiencing extended lead times for this dispenser. If you need to place an order please call us to discuss.

The PuffPack Ring Dispenser was created for you to maximise the speed and efficiency when using ​PuffPack Rolls. The only thing to do is to set up the roll and start putting PuffPack in your package.

You also have a cutter on the side of the dispenser. It will make it easy to cut the precise lengths you need.

If you’re ready to save time and increase your production, then you have a PuffPack Ring Dispenser here.

Is The Dispenser Really Necessary?

Yes, you could still use ​PuffPack Rolls without the dispenser. However, we designed it for you to maximise the efficiency and the volume you produce. Therefore, using the dispenser is a time-saver for you.

Is It The Same As For NestPack?

Yes, both PuffPack and ​NestPack use the same dispenser. However, having a dispenser for each one of them will prevent you from switching rolls all the time. It’s meant for you to increase the output of your production line.

How Can I Mount It?

In the body of the dispenser, you’ll see spaces for screws. With it, the dispenser can be wall-mounted and bench-mounted. But you can simply put it on the floor and it will take up a minimal workspace.

Does This Take A Lot Of Space?

The dispenser is designed to take up minimal space possible. The goal of using the dispenser is to maximise your production, not to reduce your workspace.

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