PuffPack Rolls


PuffPack Rolls

PuffPack rolls are an eco-friendly void fill packaging solution for creating a protective cushion around your product; even unusual shaped items can be packed as the paper can be moulded into position for a secure package.

Our specially engineered PuffPack Rolls produce a 50% better yield than standard flat paper, which results in using less paper and also reduces your shipping costs.

Micro-perforations across the PuffPack roll help achieve the desired length that is needed for your package. If combined with the PuffPack Paper Dispenser, packing becomes quicker, easier and more efficient.

  • An effective protective paper void fill solution
  • Dimpled surface gives 50% more yield than flat paper
  • Can be used as surface protection (like wrapping paper)
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Coreless roll

If you have more questions about PuffPack Rolls, feel free to ​contact us here.

By using PuffPack Rolls, you will move toward a cleaner world and a better solution to protect your goods.

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You can select how many rolls you need here:



Prices exc. VAT and Inc. Free UK Shipping.

RangeDiscountPrice Per Item
2 - 4 27% off£10.99
5 - 9 40% off£8.99
10 - 19 47% off£7.99
20 - 29 50% off£7.49
30 - 39 52% off£7.25
50 - 99 53% off£6.99
100 - 999 57% off£6.49

How Many Rolls Do I Get?

Each “quantity” corresponds to one roll. In order to get a prefered rate for the quantity, you can refer to the table above. It’s worth noting that we are able to put 10 rolls in the same box. This might need to be considered in order to maximise the space taken by each box.

What Exactly Is The Micro-Perforation?

These are very small holes in a row from one side of the paper to the other throughout the roll. Pulling on these perforations allows the paper to be detached easier.

Are You Sure It Will Protect My Goods?

PuffPack is a tried and tested void fill packaging solution successfully protecting items such as vases and jars. PuffPack is suitable for a range of products such as odd-shaped items that creates a cushion barrier all around the product.


Roll Size350mm x 75M
Roll Weight2.15 kg
QuantitiesBoxed in 10’s
Packing Volume10 ft3

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