PuffPack Rolls


PuffPack Rolls

PuffPack Rolls is the new generation of bubble wrap. Made entirely from recycled material, it’s the most eco-friendly and sustainable solution for you. It works best for irregularly shaped objects and will create a cushion to protect them during transport. But, you can also use it for standard objects and be assured you’ll not have to pay for broken products.

We specially engineered PuffPack Rolls to obtain 50% better yield than a flat paper. You will finally use the less paper necessary and reduce your shipping costs.

All over the roll, you have micro-perforations that will help you cut the exact length you need for your package. And combined to a ​PuffPack Dispenser with its cut on the side, you will drastically reduce your production time as well.

If you have more questions about PuffPack Rolls, feel free to ​contact us here.

By using PuffPack Rolls, you will move toward a cleaner world and a better solution to protect your goods. You can select how many rolls you need here:



Prices exc. VAT and Inc. Free UK Shipping.

Quantity Discount Price Per Item
2 - 4 26% off £9.99
5 - 9 33% off £8.99
10 - 19 41% off £7.99
20 - 29 44% off £7.49
30 - 39 46% off £7.25
50 - 99 48% off £6.99
100 - 999 52% off £6.49

How Many Rolls Do I Get?

Each “quantity” corresponds to one roll. In order to get a prefered rate for the quantity, you can refer to the table above. It’s worth noting that we are able to put 10 rolls in the same box. This might need to be considered in order to maximise the space taken by each box.

What Exactly Is The Micro-Perforation?

All over the paper, we made micro-perforation for you to easily tear the paper. When you use it with a ​dispenser, you’ll be able to cut the length you really need in no time.

Are You Sure It Will Protect My Goods?

We tried and tested the PuffPack Rolls on several objects, such as vase and jar successfully. It works particularly well on irregularly shaped products and creates a cushion all around it.


Roll Size 350mm x 75M
Roll Weight 2.15 kg
Surface Dimpled
Quantities Boxed in 10’s
Packing Volume 10 ft3

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