Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

Eco Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap




PuffPack rolls are the next generation of bubble wrap, with a dimpled surface that increases packing volume while using less material than traditional standard flat paper.

Capable of packing odd-shaped items as the paper can be moulded around the product, creating a cushion barrier to protect your goods while in transit.

  • PuffPack rolls deliver a 50% better yield than flat paper
  • Use less paper and cut your shipping costs
  • Micro-perforations for easy tear and efficient packing
  • Effective surface protection option (similar to wrapping paper)
  • Convenient

    No cores, no creases, only micro-perforations for easy tear-off

  • Versatile

    Ideal for a range of different uses.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Made from 100% recycled material

  • Specially Engineered

    50% increased yield than either flat or smooth paper

PuffPack - New Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

The paper used for PuffPack has all the green credentials you would expect from an environmentally safe product. Made from 100% recycled paper, easily recyclable and compostable or can be re-used.

This helps move your business towards zero waste and eliminate costly plastic waste disposal. The roll contains no core which also reduces unnecessary waste.

How Does Puff Pack Protect My Goods?

Our paper has a good level of rigidity; this allows the paper to keep its shape in the box but still be flexible enough to absorb any shock without losing its shape or compressing too much.

To get the most out of Puff Pack, ‘scrunching’ the paper into your box yields the best volume and protection. Puff Pack also acts as a replacement for bubble wrap and offers the same level of surface protection.

Roll Size: 350mm x 75M
Roll Weight: 2kg
Surface: Dimpled
Packing Volume: 10ft3
Quantities: 1, 10's, 50, 100

What Can You Pack?

- Light or medium weight items
- Boxed items (such as cosmetics)
- Fragile items (such as vases or jars)
- Odd shaped item

Voidfill -PuffPack Rolls

Application And Versatility

- Void fill
- Top, bottom and/or side fill
- Block and brace
- Wrapping paper for protection/presentation


What Makes Puff Pack Cost Effective?

Not only do our competitive prices help you save, the natural characteristics of Puff Pack means you get more packing volume and use less paper per box, reducing overall weight and delivery costs - this allows one PuffPack roll to go a lot further than standard paper packing rolls.

How Does Puff Pack Give More Packing Volume?

PuffPack rolls deliver 50% better yield than standard flat paper, the secret behind this is a combination of key features such as thickness, width, fibre structure and the most noticeable defining factor, the dimples. The right balance between these factors allow for this increase in packing volume.

Can I Bulk Buy Puff Pack?

Yes we can arrange to supply pallets of Puff Pack. Please note there may be extended lead times. Please contact us for further details.