Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

Eco Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap



PuffPack rolls are the next generation of bubble wrap. Made from 100% recycled material, this is the most eco-friendly and sustainable solution for you. It works best on objects that are irregularly shaped, creating a cushion to protect them while they are being transported. However, you can also use it for surface protection on regular items to avoid damage.

Our custom made PuffPack rolls deliver 50% better yield than flat paper. You'll finally use less paper and cut your shipping costs.

There are micro-perforations all over the PuffPack roll which help you to cut the exact size that you need for your packaging. Combined with the PuffPack Paper Dispenser you will see a saving in the time spent on packing.

  • Convenient

    No cores, no creases, only micro-perforations for easy tear-off

  • Versatile

    Ideal for a range of different uses.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Made from 100% recycled material

  • Specially Engineered

    50% increased yield than either flat or smooth paper

PuffPack - New Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

This ultra-flexible, 100% recycled paper has enabled us to create a solution that’s both green and safe for your products. PuffPack was designed to be used like regular bubble wrap.

We created PuffPack as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap that pollutes and harms our planet. So, all our rolls are 100% recyclable and compostable too. Coreless PuffPack will help move your business towards zero waste and eliminate costly plastic waste disposal.

Protect Practically Anything

PuffPack Rolls are perfect for packing odd-shaped items and will protect them from shocks. We selected a specially engineered paper to make the rolls. This is how we get a 50% better yield than regular plain paper. Due to that improved yield you'll need less paper volume to package your goods. This means you'll also be cutting down on your shipping costs.

Roll Size: 350mm x 75M
Roll Weight: 2kg
Surface: Dimpled
Packing Volume: 10ft3
Quantities: 1, 10's, 50, 100