Air Pillow Packaging made from 91% plant based material

Air Pillow Voidfill Packaging



91% BioPlastic Air Pillow Film Roll. The air-filled bioplastic creates a barrier between the box and your product, protecting it from any potential knocks and scrapes that would otherwise damage your product. Works with our AirBox Air Pillow Machine.

SweetAir Roll: 200mm x 135mm x 500m

  • Durable

    Same performance as plastic

  • Sustainable

    91% plant based material

  • Recyclable

    100% Recyclable

  • Branding

    Print your business logo on each pillow

An Introduction to SweetAir
Air Pillow Packaging

Unlike most air pillows, SweetAir is the world’s first sustainable and 100% recyclable air pillow film packaging solution, made from plant ethanol. This carbon reducing voidfill is made using 91% of bio plastic sourced from renewable plant products in a process which is fuelled by self sufficient bioelectricity.

Our pillow film packaging looks, feels and performs the same as the traditional fossil fuelled air pillows with the additional benefit of providing greater protection to your items. Our most cost effective voidfill material yet is one of our lightest packaging solutions and therefore far cheaper to transport.

What am I saving?

Our environment! The SweetAir is constructed using 91% plant-based material and therefore is easily 100% recyclable and is even certified by European Bioplastics. Made entirely from sugarcanes, SweetAir is the perfect environmentally friendly pillow film packaging solution!

Pillow Sizes: 135mm x 200mm
Roll Length: 500m