Void Fill Packaging

VoidFill Packaging Ltd was established in 2009 by brothers Rob Payne and Michael Payne. We are the UK leaders in innovative, environmentally friendly, in-the-box void fill packaging solutions.

What is Void Fill Packaging?

Void fill packaging’s main aim is to fill empty spaces in inner packaging to prevent products from damaging each other.

Investing in good quality void fill is crucial when you are regularly shipping goods in parcels, especially if the item is of high value or fragile.

Void fill provides a cushion to eliminate excess space in packages and limit the movement inside which can cause breakages during transit.

From air pillows to packing peanuts and paper rolls, void fill will ensure the delivery arrives safe, clean, and secure.

Sustainable Void Fill Packaging

Our core values explain how passionate we are about sustainability and the environment. That is why we have ensured that each of our void fill packaging materials are 100% recycled and environmentally friendly - we also have 100% biodegradable options available.

Businesses are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, and one way they can become more environmentally responsible is by actively reducing their plastic usage. Our eco-friendly alternatives are fit-for-purpose, competitively priced and made from recycled materials.  Not only are you helping the environment, but many customers will appreciate the conscious effort and unboxing experience.

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Voidfill NestPack Rolls

What Void Fill Products Do We Offer?

We stock a wide range of void fill packaging products, all carefully designed to work well with the different items needing to be posted. We offer volume discounts and quick delivery.


EcoNutz are one of our most popular products, made from recycled paper or sustainable kraft paper. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications and are reusable, recyclable, and compostable.


BigBio are biodegradable packing peanuts made entirely from starch material. They are lightweight so perfect to ensure little weight is added to parcels.


Our FlexAir range are ideal for items that need flexible packaging wrapped around them. Easy tearing ensures no wastage. The air-filled pillow cushion rolls are designed to act as a void fill between your box and product. We also supply air tubes and quilts as an alternate option depending on your requirements.


NestPack uses 100% recycled material made from carefully selected recycled paper. A high volume nest can be created around your goods to protect them. It works best for light and medium weight products.

Puff Pack

PuffPack is made from 100% recycled paper - and is fully biodegradable. PuffPack Rolls are the new generation of bubble wrap – working best for irregularly shaped objects by creating a cushion of protection during transport.


SweetAir is made of 91% Bioplastic (sugarcanes)– so easily 100% recyclable. It is the perfect environmentally friendly pillow cushion solution.

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